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Artistic Director

Henry Khor, an artistic Director of DAS, who very much passionate in dance, and have a big dream to make it happen. He was trained in Contemporary, modern dance, ballet and traditional dance since young. Had performed several times in the Malaysian Chinese Dance Festival and various events to express his passion and expent his dance experience.

In 2003, He had put up his first Dance Showcase, call “A Journey about Dance…”, which had good review in press and publicity.

2004, he further his dancing in Latin Ballroom, Salsa and Modern Jazz. He had joined in Malaysia Dansport Championships 2006, 2007 and 2009. Now days, he’s doing coaching in various school and dance studio in Contemporary, Lyrical, Salsa Latin, and Modern Jazz.

In 2010, he finally make his dream come true, that Dancing Art Solutions was born.

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